6 Ways To Make More Money as a Software Engineer

I am a programmer with six years of experience, and that i have successfully created three separate income streams aside from my job within the last two years. during this article, i will be able to discuss how I got started and supply you with tips for your side ventures.

Earning extra cash from side projects will cause you to feel more satisfied than earning money from your day job. there’s just something different about starting something from scratch and progressing towards making your first dollar from it. The more you are doing it, the better it gets.
I will be reviewing each of my side projects supported their level of difficulty to start out and maintain on a scale of 1 to five (5 being the foremost difficult). i will be able to not be talking about what proportion you’ll earn, as that depends massively on circumstances.


The most lucrative and easiest method to start out making some extra bucks is by starting a blog. There are a plethora of platforms to start out with — namely Medium, HackerNoon, Hashnode, freecodecamp, etc. Not all of them can pay you for writing. I started writing on Medium a year ago then far have written 60 articles on a spread of topics including software development, Apple products, productivity, coding tutorials, etc. Most prominent among the topics is software development.
Medium is sort of generous when it involves payments, and it occasionally also gives out bonuses to the highest writers. to offer you a taste of the content that worked best on behalf of me , I even have attached some articles that garnered tons of views/reads at rock bottom of the article. I make $300 per month on the average . it had been quite low within the beginning, but eventually, it reached a good amount.

Barrier to entry — 1/5

It is very easy to start out a blog. Just choose a platform, devour a subject , and begin writing. you’ve got Grammarly to help you with grammar and assist you write better. Start by writing about the subject that you simply know the foremost then move further by trying out different topics.

Sustainability — 4/5

Sustaining a blog is difficult. Writing blog posts is straightforward if you don’t care about whether people are reading them or not, but if you would like your content to shine, then it requires tons of your time . you’ve got to be creative and have a continuing stream of ideas.

Guest Technical Writer

This one are some things that I even have started recently. There are tons of companies that have their own blogs and that they need contributors who can write on technical stuff. Companies like Auth0, Digital Ocean, CircleCI, TutorialsPoint, and lots of others pay an honest amount for a blog post. Usually, the amounts range from $100 to $500. On GitHub, you’ll find a comprehensive list of the many paid writer programs. I even have made around $400 thus far and have more articles within the pipeline.

Barrier to entry — 3/5

To be ready to write as a guest, you would like to use first. once you apply, you would like to truly show your prior work. So if you’ve got not written a piece of writing before, you’ll not be ready to get into the author program itself.

Sustainability — 4/5

You generally need to come up together with your own ideas. it’s quite like maintaining your own blog with the added complexity of reviews and scrutiny.

Online Course

Online content is that the king. More and more students are enrolling within the ever-increasing courses that are available online. The e-learning market is predicted to grow at an annual rate of 8%, reaching a whopping $375 billion by 2026.
Moving forward, it can become a primary mode of education and heavily reward people that have already got their online courses. Creating a course are often difficult and a lengthy process, but it’s a high return also . So if you think that you’ve got a special style to show someone, you ought to not wait. Create a course. Start with a smaller course. There are not any criteria for a way long or short your course should be. And if you’ve got been writing on your blog, then compile those blogs to make a course.
YouTuber Ali Abdaal features a lot of courses online on Skillshare and thousands of scholars have already taken them. There are several other platforms like Udemy and Gumroad where you’ll put your online courses and sell them.

Barrier to entry — 4/5

Creating a course is certainly harder than writing a blog post or creating a YouTube video. And it’ll require time, effort, and patience.

Sustainability — 1/5

Since it’s a one-off thing, you create a course and sell it on various platforms. it’ll work for you. thereupon said, building an initial audience are often a challenge.

Affiliate Marketing

If you’re already creating content for a blog or YouTube channel. Monetizing your content can assist you usher in extra cash without ranging from scratch. Affiliate marketing is one such thanks to do that . you’ll link to outside products and services in your blogs in exchange for a commission on each sale.
Low barriers to entry make affiliate marketing a favourite of bloggers across niches. If you’ve got an audience, you’ll become an affiliate. you’ll look for products that you simply can link in your blogs supported the sort of content you write.
I have earned a couple of bucks from a Mac app that I linked to in articles where I wrote about Apple products and apps. Some people downloaded the app using my link and that i got some commission.

Barrier to entry — 4/5

The entry barrier is low only you have already got an audience on your blog or YouTube channel. Otherwise, it’s really hard to earn money using affiliate marketing because you would like traffic.

Sustainability — 1/5

This is very easy to sustain, as you are doing not need to do any work for it. If you’ve got a blog and an honest audience, you’ll just link the products in your blog posts.

YouTube Channel

YouTube may be a place for creators. If you think that you’ve got a personality which will present basic items during a new light, you ought to definitely try creating YouTube videos. I always thought that creating YouTube videos was hard and you needed to understand tons before you’ll create something. But i used to be wrong. you’ll make videos about anything. And if you’re specialized at what you are doing , people will love watching your content.
Take, for instance , this guy. He has 60,000 subs and began his channel last year. in only one year, he has garnered a fantastic audience. he’s a programmer himself and shares his learnings to form you a far better programmer.

Barrier to entry — 2/5

Creating a YouTube channel is sort of easy. Creating videos is additionally quite easy. you’ll do so with just a phone. The hard part is that the ideas and therefore the presentation.

Sustainability — 4/5

It is definitely hard to stay arising with new ideas. If you are doing not create videos regularly, you’ll not get subscribers. So if you’ve got a channel, continuously be careful for brand spanking new ideas.

Online Mentor

If you’re experienced in your field, you’ll offer mentorship to other developers who are within the same field and facing an equivalent obstacles you’ve overcome. It helps if you have already got some experience within the field. The software industry is large and it are often tricky to point your career within the right direction. As a developer, I even have worked on several technologies and languages not knowing which one to select . which is simply the tip of the iceberg.
So if you’ve got knowledge that you simply want to share, mentoring is that the right option for you. The coaching industry may be a profitable one. The U.S. marketplace for personal coaching is predicted to succeed in $1.34 billion by 2022, with the typical annual income for specialty coaches reaching over $100,000 per annum .
A few example platforms that you simply can try are MegaMaker and CodeMentor.

Barrier to entry — 4/5

It is difficult to urge your first paying customer. you’ll build a reputation by performing some free sessions, but it’ll take a while to make a portfolio.

Sustainability — 2/5

Although there’s tons of competition, you don’t need to come up with new ideas. that’s why it’s easier to sustain.

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